Study: Working From Home Takes Toll On Parents’ Mental Health

There’s a lot to love about working from home, but a lot of parents are finding that not being in the office can come with some serious downsides, according to a new study. The ninth annual Modern Family Index finds that around four in 10 parents say that when they’re working remotely, there are times they go days without leaving the house and 33% admit they “feel very isolated” while working from home.

Many parents love the flexibility that comes with remote or hybrid work, with 58% of them saying they’re somewhat more satisfied at their current job than they were three years ago and flexible schedules are part of the reason for that. But 35% of moms and dads who work from home fear that it’s negatively affecting their careers.

  • Dads are especially worried, as 44% of them are afraid that if they take advantage of benefits aimed at work/life balance, it would negatively affect their performance evaluations.
  • Around 80% of parents who work remotely, at least part time, juggle family responsibilities and work during the work day, with 47% taking kids to activities and 44% helping them with homework.
  • More than a third (41%) say they sometimes feel like they have to hide their personal responsibilities from coworkers and 25% of parents rarely mention their workday parenting tasks to their supervisors.

Source: USA Today

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