Why More Women Are Getting Botox In Their Shoulders

There’s a new beauty trend involving Botox, but instead of getting injections in the face to get rid of wrinkles, women are getting them in their neck and shoulders. It’s known as “traptox,” as in the trapezius muscles, and it’s becoming more popular thanks to TikTok, where women are raving about their results. The “traptox”hashtag on TikTok has more than 128.5-million views and includes clips shared by patients, as well as providers.

Fans of the process say it not only makes them look “slimmer,” it also helps ease tension and makes them feel more relaxed. But is it safe? Dr. David Shafer, a double board certified plastic surgeon, says it is. “Botox works by blocking the signal between the nerve and muscle,” he explains. “When injected into the trapezius muscle, the muscle shrinks from decreased stimulation, giving the neck a thinner, more contoured appearance.”

Shafer points out that the main reason people get traptox is to contour their neck, but Botox can also be used to target muscle pain or trigger points, providing “significant relief.” As for side effects or potential risks, he says they’re minimal and that Botox Cosmetic is “one of the safest treatments and most effective treatments someone can have.” According to the doc, the results last three to five months, so if someone doesn’t like the results, which he says is rare, it’s only temporary. And he adds, “It's more common for patients to come back and say, ‘I love the result. Where else can we inject Botox?’”

Source: Daily Mail

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