Signs Your AirBnb Is Not As Clean As It Should Be

When you arrive at an Airbnb, you expect it to be clean, but how can you really tell? Diana Cruz has been a professional Airbnb cleaner for the last five years and she knows what it takes to leave a rental property in the best condition for the next guest.

Cruz shares three red flags to look for when you check into an Airbnb to see if it’s as clean as it should be.

  • Start with the sheets - As soon as you get there, this expert says you should check the bedding. According to Cruz, you can easily tell if the sheets smell good and look like they’ve been washed. If you see that the bedding hasn’t been cleaned or changed, that’s a definite red flag.
  • Look under the bed, too - At home, many of us store things under our beds and we may not vacuum all the dust bunnies every week, but they should be doing that at an Airbnb. The floor under the bed should be clean, and if it’s not, it gives you an idea of how detail-oriented the cleaner was and how thoroughly the rest of the home has been cleaned. Cruz says, “Under the bed, if you’re finding bottles and all sorts of socks and stuff, that’s a big red flag.”
  • Take a peek in the shower - Next up is the bathroom, which should be getting extra attention, according to this pro cleaner. If you see hair in the drain or stuck to the tub, or soap residue on the shower, Cruz says the Airbnb probably isn’t as clean as it should be.

Source: Insider

Photo: Getty Images

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