STUDY: Parents Spend More Time On Their Devices Than Their Kids

A recent study reveals that many American parents spend more time on electronic devices than their children do, with an average of nearly five hours a day. This exceeds the less than four hours they dedicate to meaningful activities with their kids. The survey of 2,000 U.S. parents also found that 80% of parents own three or more electronic devices, while 81% of their children own at least two. Only two percent of kids don't own any devices.

However, more than half of parents (60%) are actively seeking ways to reduce technology use and reconnect with their children. About 79% of parents find their experiences with children more memorable without electronic devices. To address this, 52% of parents have tried to limit technology use in their households. Strategies include promoting outdoor play (76%), setting time limits (74%), and establishing device-free zones (63%).

Many families have turned to outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking (59%), picnics (58%), and visiting amusement and water parks (58%) during the summer. Parents believe that outdoor activities foster communication and connection (60%) within the family and create lasting memories that strengthen family bonds (57%).

Camping, in particular, is highly regarded as it offers unique opportunities for families to bond and for children to develop skills through activities like nature walks (44%), campfire cooking (42%), fishing (38%), and setting up tents (32%). Parents also noted that camping and outdoor experiences promote problem-solving skills (59%), independence (54%), and resilience (54%) in their children.

Furthermore, parents reported feeling more focused on family time (72%) and more relaxed (52%) when outdoors without electronic devices, emphasizing the importance of quality time and meaningful interactions in fostering deeper connections and lasting memories within families.

Source: Study Finds

Photo: Getty Images

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