Amazon To Start Selling Cars On Its Website

In a groundbreaking move set to reshape the automotive retail landscape, Amazon has just announced an exciting collaboration with Hyundai, allowing customers to seamlessly purchase vehicles through its online platform,, starting next year. This innovative partnership signifies a remarkable fusion of e-commerce and the automotive industry, offering consumers a new and convenient way to acquire their dream cars.

One of the key highlights of this venture is the ability for customers to tailor their vehicle to their preferences. Through Amazon's user-friendly interface, buyers can customize their chosen Hyundai, calculate associated costs, and even schedule delivery through a local dealership. This marks a significant departure from the traditional car-buying experience, putting the power of choice directly in the hands of the consumer.

As part of this collaboration, newly purchased Hyundai vehicles will come equipped with Amazon's renowned voice assistant, Alexa. This integration aims to elevate the driving experience by providing drivers with advanced functionalities and capabilities. Imagine having the convenience of Alexa's voice commands seamlessly integrated into your car, adding a new layer of connectivity and control to your driving routine.

This strategic move by Amazon and Hyundai not only represents a significant shift in the way vehicles are sold but also underscores the increasing intersection of technology and the automotive world.


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