#VIRAL: Beyonce's Master Class speech at our #iHeartAwards2024 last night!

The #queen @beyonce gave a speech last night at our #iheartawards2024 which will be quoted for years - generations - even to come.

From artists who create art and not judging them for following their passion, to the challenges of being an #innovator - regardless of genre, medium, format of music, whatever... she tackled the highs and lows which come with innovation.

Beyonce was so right on last night.

Somewhere, someone in the world saw what she had to say last night and and they weren't so alone.

What some see as crazy, is really innovative genius in action. That's what makes her who she is. Last night, she was honored for just that very innovation... and she's far from being done. I can not wait to see, and hear, and enjoy what she does next... it will be so good for the creative fires in my soul... See it now while you can streaming on @hulu!

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