What to Do When 911 Service is Unavailable

Imagine facing an emergency situation and finding out that 911 services are down. It’s a scary thought but knowing what to do ahead of time can make all the difference. Here are some steps you can take to stay prepared and ensure you can get help when you need it, even during a 911 outage.

1. Check Local Emergency Contacts

When 911 services are unavailable, your local police, fire department, and medical organizations often provide alternative direct contact numbers. Keep these numbers handy by checking their websites or social media pages in advance. During an outage, call these numbers directly to report emergencies and request assistance.

2. Explore 911 Texting Services

Depending on where you live, some areas offer 911 texting services that remain operational even when call services are disrupted. If texting is an option during an emergency, use this service to communicate your situation and request help.

3. Save Emergency Numbers

Even if your area’s 911 system is functioning normally, take the initiative to save local emergency service numbers in your phone contacts. This ensures that if there’s an outage and your call to 911 doesn’t connect, you can quickly dial the alternative number for assistance.

4. Use a Reliable Emergency Alert App

Consider using a dedicated emergency alert app like Rescu for added peace of mind. Rescu operates independently from traditional 911 systems and has its own dispatch center, available 24/7. During a 911 outage, you can use Rescu to send alerts to emergency services with just a few taps on your smartphone.

How Rescu Works

Rescu allows you to swiftly request help without the need for calls or texts. Simply open the app, choose the type of emergency service you need (fire, police, medical), and tap “Send Alert.” Rescu enables you to store multiple addresses and notify emergency contacts automatically when an alert is sent.

Why Rescu Is a Game-Changer

With Rescu, there’s no risk of dropped calls or delays in getting help during an outage. The app ensures immediate access to emergency services when conventional methods are unavailable. Whether it’s a service interruption or a sudden emergency, Rescu provides a reliable solution for summoning help quickly and efficiently.

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