A Flight Attendant Shares Her 10 Best Travel Hacks

Traveling is so fun! But the actual act of traveling to your destination can be not so fun. It can be filled with so many unexpected turns, especially if you’re not prepared. You want your trip to be relaxing, not starting off with stress!

To help you out, “The Every Girl” spoke with a flight attendant with eight years of experience flying for American Airlines. Here are her best travel tricks to help start your trip off right.

  1. Always buy your tickets directly from the airline
  2. Download your airline app before your trip
  3. Bring snacks and a water bottle onto the plane
  4. Pack a fully charged portable battery for electronics
  5. Give yourself plenty of time between flights
  6. Pack layers in your carry-on
  7. Bring over-the-counter medicine onto the plane
  8. Download entertainment getting to the airport
  9. If you’re flying in for an important event, budget a buffer day
  10. Expect the unexpected


Source: The Every Girl
Photo: Getty

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