The Bizarre Travel Trend Taking Over TikTok

Imagine storing all stimulation overhead on your next flight – if you can bear it.

The latest travel trend on TikTok, known as "rawdogging," challenges passengers to endure long-haul flights without any in-flight entertainment. The term may sound provocative, but it has nothing to do with joining the mile-high club. Instead, "rawdogging" requires travelers to sit silently and screen-free during their journey.

Parents cling to iPads, couples play cards, and solo travelers browse the movie menu – but would you consider going screen-free for the entire flight?

What is 'Rawdogging'?

"Rawdogging" involves abstaining from all forms of entertainment and distraction on a flight. This means no films, music, sleep, snacks, or even books once you’re in the cabin. Several TikTok users have shared their experiences of flying without any in-flight entertainment, proudly showcasing their "personal best" attempts.

TikTok Users Share Their Experiences

One user posted about his experience: “Just rawdogged a 7-hour flight (new personal best) no headphones, no movie, no water, nothing.” He added, “Incredible. The power of my mind knows no bounds.”

A Comparison to Pop Culture

The trend has drawn comparisons to Apple TV’s "Hijack" series, where Idris Elba’s character adopts a stoic, stare-forward approach during a hijacked flight. This stoicism seems to resonate with the idea of "rawdogging" a flight, where the only permissible screen time is watching the in-flight map.

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