WATCH: They said she was "too fat" to dance... so see what she did next!


Ya know, there's something people of size deal with that really is silent... and psychologically painful... and that's the fat shaming. 

The whispers about one's size... or one's appearance... the subtle - and not so subtle - things said, done, implied... it really can be painful. 

Trust me. I battle with it every day. And I can still hear the whispers and things said in my mind from a time when I was much, much heavier than I am right now... 


This woman, in the video above from Facebook... was told she was "too fat" to dance... and that's when she decided to go and create a dance troupe made of people of all shapes and sizes... all of whom... can dance. 

Watch the video above and let it speak to you. Share it with someone you know who may have gone through the same thing... and maybe, just like it did for this woman... it might inspire something that is truly special. 

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Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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