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Good Morning! Every day is a new day... I'm thankful for every breath I take!

Words... not mine. I think those came from the band POD and their song ALIVE... and the truth is we should be thankful because today... we, you and I , are alive... breathing... able to step forward into another new day... and that should mean just about everything. You know?

Thanks for choosing to #ReadThisFIRST... it's a new day... so let's go make things happen...

Here comes the copy-and-paste roundup for today. This is basically where I go and copy-and-paste the 'stuff' that we see on certain websites which give us interesting stuff to say. I figure why not pull back the curtain and be honest with you, right?

Truth in advertising. Who knew. LOL!

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter....

Felicity Huffman: FBI agents with guns drawn arrested the actress at her L.A. home over an alleged college admissions cheating scheme.

#TheBachelor: The season finale aired Tuesday night.

Joe Biden: The former Vice President hints he's close to announcing a run for the White House.

Gavin Newsom: The governor of California will issue an executive order Wednesday ending the death penalty in his state.

Aladdin: The first full trailer for Disney’s live-action movie has fans excited.

Air Supply: Fans were shocked when the soft rock duo appeared on the season finale ofThe BachelorTuesday night.

Odell Beckham Junior: The Giants have traded the wide receiver to the Browns.

IHOP: Tuesday was Free Pancakes Day at the restaurant chain.

Today is National Good Samaritan Day: A good day to do a good deed for someone who needs it.

Is there a “best” sleeping position? Apparently so. According to a new study, back sleepers slept better and woke up happier and more motivated than people who slept in other positions. (The Ladders)

Short sighted… According to a recent survey byCosmo, 67 percent of women say they won’t date a guy who is shorter than they are. Sadly, a recent study confirms these findings. Height tops the list of traits a woman looks for in a man.

Cheesy Easter egg… A supermarket in the U.K. is selling an Easter egg made entirely of cheese. The “Cheesalicious” egg is 100-percent cheddar cheese and is apparently soft and creamy.Perfect for spreading on Easter crackers?(Insider)

Too busy to clean? A new survey found that one-third of adult respondents say they are just too busy to clean their homes. Only 50 percent of those surveyed said they set aside time each week to do chores and 30 percent say they only manage to do a few chores on the weekend. 38 percent said the tradition of an annual “Spring Cleaning” is dying out and 45 percent believe that previous generations had more time for housework. (SWNS)

Warm weather is coming … and Corona is ready. Corona is introducing a line of tropical fruit-flavored beer. Forget just putting a lime in your Corona. Now you can choose from Passion Fruit Lime, Guava Lime and Coconut Lime. (Daily Meal)


The fuel-savings app GasBuddy sponsored a survey to determine the top cities with the most aggressive drivers in the country. Here’s a rundown of the Top 10:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Sacramento
  4. Atlanta
  5. San Francisco
  6. San Diego
  7. Orlando
  8. Detroit
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Las Vegas

The survey also found that the least aggressive drivers can be found in Cincinnati, Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul. (USA Today)


Someone is selling a “vintage” Blockbuster Video membership card on eBay … for $800.

The card was issued back in August 2005 -- and it’s reportedly in “perfect condition.”

Of course, it’s useless because there is only one Blockbuster Video store left in the world.

But, there is something to be said for nostalgia, isn’t there? (LadBible)


Pabst Blue Ribbon is getting into the whiskey game.

The whiskey is expected to be on store shelves this summer. The 80-proof whiskey will come in 750 milliliter bottle

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