VIRAL: Girl LICKS TOILET SEAT on AIRPLANE... just to go viral!

A couple of weekends ago, on a flight to LAX, I heard a couple of young girls say that they wanted to be "YouTubers..." famous for being on YouTube.

Famous for going viral.

Insta-famous. What have you. And I work in a business where I have been taught the importance of living out loud... because that's what we do.

But I've not thought about licking a toilet seat on an airplane in an effort to go viral. Or to find fame.


Now, I give this woman credit. She's going viral. But let's hope she cleaned that toilet seat with some CLOROX or whatnot because you don't need me to tell you about the condition of an airline toilet seat.

Not clean. Not sanitary. You don't know who has what who did whatever they do whilst sitting on that seat.

Is the risk worth the viral reward? I'm not going to judge you if you say "yes..."

But as for me, Toby Knapp, I say NOPE.

Enjoy that 15 minutes of fame, ma'am... I hope it doesn't come with a disease which lasts a lifetime.

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