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National Goof Off Day: It’s a day to relax, have fun, and just goof off. In other words, it is a day to call in sick to work or take a vacation day.

Get paid … to stay offline during vacation. Now this is a work perk … Bob Glazer, founder and CEO of global marketing agency Acceleration Partners, is offering employees who stay off work email and unplug from other online communication during vacation up to $750. (Market Watch)

Do you have a favorite “drunk snack”?According to a new survey, pizza is the number one drunk snack for Americans, with 66 percent saying it’s their go-to after having a few. Chips and dip were next at 58 percent, followed by French fries (54%), nachos (49%), and tacos (44%).

According to the survey, these are the Top 5 foods that taste better when you’re buzzed:

  1. Pizza
  2. Fast food
  3. Chicken wings
  4. Chips
  5. French fries (SWNS)

The weekend is upon us, and before you look forward to sleeping in, consider this …A new study has found that the average American will spend 36 years in bed over their lifetime. What could you do with all that time? (SWNS)

Twin brothers vs. twin sisters… A new study has found that women with twin brothers make less money than women with twin sisters. Researchers found that women with a twin brother are less likely than women with a twin sister to graduate high school, finish college, get married or have kids. And, they also have lower salaries. The scientists believe that this is all caused by being exposed to the male twin’s testosterone before birth -- and not caused by the experience of being raised alongside a brother. (MarketWatch)


If you just do the math, the odds of getting an absolutely perfect March Madness bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion, which is a “9” and a “2” -- with 17 zeroes.

So … no … you’re not going to get all of these picks right, even if you’ve actually been watching college basketball all season.

Here’s a rundown of things more likely to happen to you than filling out that perfect bracket:

  • Being injured by a toilet: 1-in-10,000 odds
  • Being struck by lightning in the next year: 1-in-700,000
  • Becoming a billionaire: 1-in-785,000
  • Becoming President of the United States: 1-in-10-million
  • Winning the Powerball jackpot: 1-in-292-million

If that’s not enough, you also have better odds -- at 1-in-4.2-quintillion -- of sinking a hole-in-one, getting a five-card royal flush in poker and winning $1 million in the lottery all in the same day.

So … good luck with that bracket?



According to a new study, happy coaches help teams win.

Researchers found that coaches who smile at players before the game begins actually increase the chances of leading at halftime.

On the other hand, teams led by coaches with tense faces and stressed-out body language are more likely to end up struggling -- and losing. (Israel 21C)


Scientists at Michigan State University discovered that people who smoke marijuana gain less weight through the years than non-smokers. (Marijuana Moment)

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