FREE TACO BELL: Go get some FREE TACOS TODAY between 2p-6p TODAY*


Photos: Taco Bell. Used with permission. Yes, I got permission. Did you? Oh? You don't know?


Please go directly to the NEAREST TACO BELL and get your FREE TACOS ON!

From 2p-6p today, while supplies last, TACO BELL is handing out the FREE DORITOS LOS TACOS TODAY. It's all a part of some promotion, but I won't bore you with dumb details. What matters most is that YOU... GO... GET... FREE.... TACOS.... while you still have time and ENJOY!

So, 2p-6p today... RUN FOR THE BORDER.

That's all.

Oh, you can read more here.

I probably should write about twenty more words so that I trigger the SEO deal... so here are those words.

Shoutout to TOMMY CHUCK. Props to JEFF KAPUGI. Long live the memory of DAVE REINHART. Where is DAN DILORETTO?


If you don't know what any of those last two lines meant, ask someone. Or don't.

Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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