OMG: Be careful with that garden hose this summer! That water is HOT!


OMG you guys!

I saw this on Facebook... and knowing that, as a kid, growing up in Texas, the water hose was one of the best Summer toys ever... this needed to be shared.

I never realized how HOT the water in a hose could get. I always just assumed that it would be cold, because it always seems cold when you fire it up from the wall or whatnot... but, sometimes, water sits in a hose... and roasts. AND ROASTS. And gets ridiculously hot... hot enough to do real damage.

See what happened to the baby in that news story above? YIKES.

Give this a read. And be careful this Summer... especially those of you who own homes and such. This could be some bad, BAD mojo... and you don't want to have to deal with burns and long term damage... because you didn't take a moment to practice some prevention.

Some might say, "Toby are you really posting this, because it seems a bit less sensational than some of the stuff you might normally post." To you I'd say, yeah. Maybe. But I have kids. I have friends who have kids. And they don't deserve to be burned, scalded or whatever because some grownup, uncle, babysitter, nanny or whatever didn't take the time to read.

So maybe, just maybe, you'll read this and remember. And maybe it will save someone's life. And that could make all the difference. Ya know?


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Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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