#PARENTING: One last time, regarding #FathersDay... Better late than never?

I love you 3000...

If you don't know what that line is from, and you haven't seen certain movies, I won't get into details as there are massive spoilers already given in the fact that I even used that phrase... but those are also words which my daughter, Kyla, 15, wrote in a Father's Day card she gave to me yesterday.

On Monday.

The day after Father's Day.

Now, I can't be all poopypants, can I? This from the guy who just booked his travel for a weekend work-related event on the Monday before the trip. The same guy who put his own Father's Day cards in the mail on Monday for his dad and for some dad-friends who deserve some recognition on this day all about being a parent?

The guy notorious for a phrase called #TobyTime which results in schedules being padded 30 minutes in each direction just to keep himself on time?

Well, I guess she comes by it honestly. Or, I'm making excuses for her. Or for both of us. Maybe I'm just writing these words for you to read so that it makes for a great story... or a good story. Or just a story. Original content because we need clicks and MUV's. Either way, my therapist will probably tell me I shouldn't be doing whatever or writing whatever for anyone else... but me.

And I guess I am. Because here's the thing: She took a moment to actually do it. Trust me, I know for her to do so, probably took some doing... and maybe a few texts from her mom, too. But she actually did it. AFDI. Maybe she will see that it isn't that hard to do... and maybe, just maybe, she will start to learn the power of taking a moment... to make a moment. A unique moment. One which only costs a few minutes... of time.

Or maybe I'm delusional. It is 3:21 AM local time.

Either way, Kyla, I love you 3000, too. I know I'm hard. We're not always easy. But we do get it done and we have a lot of fun in the process.

And with that, I close the book on Father's Day 2019...

... unless Amazon Prime doesn't deliver my Dad's gift today, or something happens to a perishable which I sent to him and my mom... in which case... there will probably be another post that starts with the words, "about me closing the book on Father's Day 2019..."

Thanks for reading...


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