PARENTING: Use CANDY to help kids swallow pills!

God, I wish I had thought of this "back when..."

Kyla has NEVER like swallowing pills... not then, and not now. Even now, she uses apple sauce as a "base" to get a pill down...

Who knew... CANDY... could have been the game changer back then!

Check this out...

When kids are little, pretty much any medicine they need to take comes in chewable or liquid form, but at some point, they’ll need to be able to swallow a pill. It’s second nature to adults, so it’s easy to forget how weird and scary that can be when you’re learning how to do it. But to make the pill swallowing adjustment easier on the little tykes, doctors Avani Modi and Lisa Ingerski of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center actually recommend using candies to help them learn.

You start small, with cupcake sprinkles, then gradually increase sizes, moving up to Nerds, then mini M&M’s, followed by regular M&M’s and finish off with Good & Plenty. And this is how you do it:

  • Show your kid how to swallow a pill using one of the candies or a real pill you have to take.
  • Have your child take a big sip of water and swish it around in their mouth.
  • Start with the smallest candy. Put it on your child’s tongue and have them take a drink of water then swallow it. Be sure to call it a pill, not candy. Do this several times to build up their confidence.
  • Move on to the next biggest candy size. If they can’t get it down, encourage them to take another sip. Take a break if they get frustrated.
  • The doctors suggest each session should only last from five to 10 minutes and say it could take a few sessions over a few days to work up to the biggest “pill.”

The idea is basically to help them overcome anxiety, so be patient and calm. And getting little ones to practice using candy should be easy.


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