To quote the Program Director friend of mine named Jonathan Reed, "Sooooooo.....S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-o-o-o-o-o-Sooooooooo...."

Hi, it's me, iHeartRadio's friendly neighborhood radio superhero Toby Knapp... wondering out loud if you know anyone who would wear this LUGGAGE-STRAP BIKINI to any pool, lake, beach or whatever that you've heard of?

What do you think about this? Have you seen this? Well, it's a thing. And it's the latest thing in the list of insane SUMMER TREND sorts of things to hit the Interwebs... But what's the point if you can't get the top wet? Well, you can't. Yeah, it's one of those SCAM-A-LAMA-DING-DONG bikinis that doesn't do water.


Here's what I've found out about this for you... I've copy-and-pasted this stuff right here because, well, you need to know:

By now, we all know that when it comes to swimwear and summer fashion, there are some rather interesting and unexpected trends out there. 

Currently, there's one particular summer bikini that's taken the internet by storm and has people talking. The company ASOS is selling a bizarre buckle bikini top which leaves very little to the imagination. It's called the Buckle Micro Bikini Top and people on social media are having a field day commenting on it. 

The top is so tiny, that many people on Instagram were concerned about experiencing a wardrobe malfunction. If you're worried about exposing yourself while jumping in the pool, don't worry too much as it turns out there's one other flaw with the top, it can't be immersed in water according to the care instructions. 

So you'll just have to settle for wearing it by the side of the pool if you want to buy it.


Toby Knapp

Toby Knapp

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