Dear Toby... From sickness to withdrawal, these are messages you send me

They start with a "Dear Toby..." or "Hey man..." or "TK..." or "Mister Knapp" to which I reply, "I'm not a mister that's my dad, I'm just Toby.

I know you probably think when you send a note, or email, or message, or snail mail, that we don't get them, or we don't read 'em. But we do. Sometimes, I admit, I don't always have the time to reply to them, but know that I do. And, sometimes, they really speak to me. Today, a couple have kinda underscored why I do what I do for my life's work... why I'm thankful we intersect on air, online or on our iHeartRadio app every morning, afternoon, night... weekend... in time zones across this great country...

Today, I wanted to share a couple of notes with you which motivated me. That spoke to me. I share 'em hoping they may speak to you in some way...

... because they spoke to me.

Remember, you can always message me directly on Facebook - @tobyknappON, Instagram - @tobyknapp, Twitter - @tkradio or of course via

Welcome to #DearToby...

Hey Toby -

So I go back to Nov/Dec of 2017. I was locked up for possession of heroin. I was in serious withdrawal. Lying on the cold floor of a jail cell... sick as all what... I honestly thought for days that suicide was a much easier and viable option.

Those first weeks were a dark time.

However on approx day 10... I had my jail issued headphones in listening to 99.5 when I heard Elizabethany talk about your health and the situation you were in. I remember thinking about your vibrant personality and how life was just not fair to do this to one of the "good guys". 

Next day I really came to my senses. I was feeling just a hair better each day. Something hit me... Toby is going thru all this sh*t and he didn’t ask for it. I did this to my self!!!

From that day on bro, I had a much more grateful attitude and have never looked back.

I’m almost two years clean now. 

I appreciate u being you. You fought and overcame. Never take life itself for granted bro.

Stay up Toby,


#HeyJL -

I am so thankful you took the time to hit me up with this today. Sometimes life hits us with exactly the right thing at exactly the right time, and, your note did that for me today. You know, back then, I didn't realize how close I might have come to not coming back... and then, I realized something... Life, God, all of these things... were reminding me of how precious life was, how important the opportunities I've been given really are, how blessed I am... and at some point in the middle of the night in the ICU, I realized that I was gonna be fine... and that on the other side of that time, I'd need to be ready to be used in a new way... consistent with another new lease on life.

You made it through your darkness, I think, in no small part to be the light that shined on your message to me today. I promise to stay up... if you promise to stay clean... and I have a feeling we're gonna see some more of that light of yours shining on some great stuff as you continue to become who you will ultimately be.

I'm proud of you, JL. I'm thankful you listen, and I'm even more thankful you took the time to write today.


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#HeyYou... thank you for taking the time to say hey, and I'm sorry to hear that whatever you were going through was tough... you reaching out to me to share this with me means more than you know, and the fact that you are still listening to us... means even more. TY for trusting us to be in your space and I promise I'll keep trying to find even more ways to keep your mood on point... because you are worth it.


Hey Toby, I was wondering and I know it's a stretch, if you might be able to help. As you know, I'm about to have to have another brain procedure and I'm divorced now, and all my friends chose sides, and went with my ex. I could really use some get well cards from folks. I just don't know anyone LOL. I'm not sure if you can help or not. Thanks again for the support brother. The hardest thing (I think) to do is ask for help. -Steve

#HeySteve - I can ask. And so I will. If anyone her reading this wants to send Steve a note, message me ( or on Instagram/Facebook and let me know you want to send him a get well card, and I'll send along his home address. And Steve, I'll write mine for you right now...

Get well, man... and you will get through all of this, too. I promise!


Keep your letters, messages and notes coming. I do read 'em. I'll try to respond to all of 'em. And if you want me to share, well, I'll do that too, and I won't share your name unless you tell me it's cool.

Gotta run. Thursday Night Football is on soon. :-)


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