Watch me singing in the parking garage in the morning before 4 AM.

Anyone have any requests?

Earlier this week, after I spilled my Starbucks Quad Shot Skinny Vanilla Latte with FOUR Splenda from the 24-hour Starbucks, I sang.

I sang an ode to my fallen latte. I sang some more because I had water and MiO to help me get through. Then, I sang a song for Corey Calhoun, a radio presenter we need to be praying for so #PrayForCoreyCalhoun. Today I sang Happy Birthday wishes for Melissa Daddio and for Dana, the mother of Kyla.

This has become the P4Before4AM concert series. Sponsored by my spilled coffee. What shall I sing next?

Send requests my way in the comments below and check back to see what I sing tomorrow morning!

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