Want $27,000 to move to Italy? Here's how you can get it!

It is hard to imagine that any place in Italy would be BEGGING for people to move there... but that seems to be the case with this one Italian province.

Molise is a region in Italy where towns are just under-populated and so, if you move to the region, starting on Monday, they'll pay you $770 a month for three years if you live in one of its villages.

Yes, there are rules. The village must have less than 2,000 residents. You have to open a small business. They hope you'll move... and stay... in the village.

So... any takers? What business would you open? I'd open an American Hamburger Stand. Why not? Over there, what we eat is considered gourmet, right?

Maybe I'd open a TEX-MEX joint. That would rock. And I'd sling margaritas. That would be DOPE!

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