The Small Joys In Life People Will Do Anything To Experience

There are a lot of simple joys in life, and a new poll reveals just how important experiencing them is to most people.

A new survey finds Americans spend $1,795.56 each year on small joys, with 78% saying it’s an expense that’s worth the money. In fact, these joys are so integral in people’s lives that many would do just about anything to keep experiencing them.

For example, one in three would rather shave their head and be bald than give up their small joys for a year, while 20% would actually rather cut off their family then give them up. Meanwhile, another 20% would rather fend for themselves on a deserted island for a week, one in three would put themselves on house arrest for a year, 20% would give up their senses of smell and taste for a year and 24% would take a $10,000 pay cut.

So, what are these small joys that people are willing to sacrifice things for? Well, listening to a favorite album and cooking a favorite meal are the favorites (58%), followed by: 

  • Ice cream (57%)
  • Getting new clothes (57%)
  • Holding hands with someone you love (57%)
  • Going to the movies (57%)
  • Watching the sunset or sunrise (56%)
  • Being able to sleep in with no alarm set (56%)
  • A comfy bed (56%)
  • Taking a long shower (55%)

Source :SWNS Digital

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