Meet the ASMR boyfriend making bank talking you to sleep!

They say everyone has that one thing... and this one thing will be everywhere by this time tomorrow!

Earlier today, as we were wrapping the East Coast AM show in DC, I came across this story first published by the NEW YORK TIMESl, which, incidentally, moments later, came on GMA... telling the tale of a 17-year-old, easy-on-the-eyes dude from Georgia who has been dubbed the ASMR BOYFRIEND.

Now, we've talked about ASMR before. That low talking which triggers some sort of tingly-static-response in people...

Well this dude - OWEN DENNIS RILEY - is making BANK off of his YouTube Videos. He's got a ton of followers... a ton of sponsorship loot... and now, he's going viral because he's playing the role of a virtual boyfriend, talking women to sleep!

Click here for more. What do you think of all of this!?

Personally, I'm not gonna hate on the man. He's found his "thing..." and we all live and work in a world where you have to be know for that "one thing..." and he seems to be cashing in on it!

You go, ODR! You go!

ASIDE - As someone who once thought he'd be writing for the New York Times before this "radio thing" got him, I want to give a shoutout to Kaitlyn Wylde, who BROKE this story which the world is now talking about... great journalism should be celebrated, revered and embraced as part of what makes our WORLD great... and as a reporter, she's on the front lines of telling the TRUTH every day! #ThankYouForWhatYOUDo, Kaitlyn! Follow her on Insta: @birdiewylde

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