What Free Office Snacks Reveal About Your Job

The Society for Human Resources Management says the number of companies providing free snacks and drinks to employees has risen from 20% to 32% since 2013. So there’s a good chance your office has something free to nibble on, but here’s something else to chew on. These snacks might actually be holding back your potential!

Here’s what free office snacks actually say about your workplace:

  • Snacks Lead To Messy Feelings. Clinical Psychologist Susan Albers says “we use snacks as procrastination, or we’re bored and we need an energy boost, and sometimes snacks are pretty social.”
  • Snack Attacks Are REAL. After employees start building free snacks into their routine, taking them away can be a nightmare. Albers says when this happens “it wreaks havoc on everyone’s moods. You have to rearrange your day around that expectation.”
  • Snacks Are Used In Place Of Actually Praise. “We often don’t get that pat on the back that we want or deserve, so extra little things like food at work really mean a lot to people,” Albers said.So anyways here’s a cupcake. That’s just as good as a raise right?
  • Snacks Aren’t An Indicator of Good Company Culture. Just because they feed you, doesn’t mean they like you! Ask yourself, if the snacks went away at your job, what are thereal perks? Would you still talk to your co-workers if there wasn’t a birthday face-cake in the conference room?

Is your company giving you a short term sugar rush instead of long-term stability? If so, pick up that box of free doughnuts, and take it to your next job!

Source: Huffington Post

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