VIDEO: Who is right and who is wrong in this reclining seat situation?

We all know airline seats, especially in coach, give people very little room, and while most people have the ability to recline their chair, is it really okay to do so? Well, that’s the debate that’s currently going viral on Twitter after a women filmed a man who was punching the back of her seat because she reclined it.

The woman, Wendi, was sitting in front of a man whose seat did not recline, and when she pushed hers back he didn’t take it well. She says he first asked her to put it up when he ate, and she obliged, but when she reclined again he began punching her seat, so she began filming. The woman then complained to the American Airlines flight attendant, but instead of reprimanding the guy, they offered him a free drink and even threatened to have her escorted off the plane.

  • So, who is in the wrong in this situation? Well, apparently opinions are mixed. Plenty of people were shocked by the guys behavior, as well as the actions of the airline.
  • “I can't believe American Airlines did nothing for this poor woman but gave this creep a drink,” one person noted, while another added, “If I paid for the damn seat I’ll recline if I want to. His behavior would’ve gotten me arrested.”
  • But not everyone agreed, with many suggesting the woman had no right reclining her seat.
  • “I'm 6 ft 5 and can't stand inconsiderate people putting their seats back,” one person shared, while another added, “Being the size I am, I still won't recline due to having courtesy for others. If it was me you wouldn't have got your seat back so count yourself lucky this guy let you.”

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