The #Domestic Trials of an Empty Nest Dad...

Since Kyla's been away at college, I've been having some serious domestic issues while adjusting to life as an empty-nest-of-sorts-dad... and this week's trials... involve the laundry. Let me explain...

In the last three days, I've washed five loads of laundry... and for whatever reason, I've not been checking the pockets of my swimsuits, shorts and such well enough, I guess.

Monday, I discovered I had washed my iPhone's portable battery pack. Yeah, the one Apple just launched. I guess I left it in my pocket or it came off and I didn't realize it, because that was in my blue swimsuit. Guess what? It still works. THANK GOD.

Tuesday... I washed a bottle of GREEN MiO Energy Drops - and DRIED it, too. THANK GOD it didn't open in the dryer because that would have completely dyed the clothes... and by the way, it was SEALED so, yes, I'm able to use it still... and it doesn't taste like DETERGENT.

Wednesday... this morning, I switched the wash to the dryer before heading into our studios and found I washed THREE of Clover Maxwell, our dog's POOH BAGS and my brand new Swiss Army knife I randomly purchased on Amazon like last month.

I am not sure why I'm becoming so absent-minded at this stuff... but it's been on the rise lately.

Have you washed anything - and dried it - lately and did it survive? What was it? Remember, 'round here, this is a judgement-free zone...

... I just want to know I'm not so alone in this plight!

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