#OMG: TikTokers Are Using Lube As Makeup Primer???!

If you’re looking for a new way to curl your hair with less damage or get clearer skin, TikTok is full of beauty hacks. Lots of them are harmless, but they don’t always work as promised, and some can be downright dangerous, like DIY lip filler. And now a hack that claims to make makeup “glide on smooth” is going viral on TikTok, but you’re better off steering clear of this one.

Sean Anthony, a beauty content creator on the app, suggests that his 343-thousand followers mix lube in with their foundation. In a video, he claims it will leave skin looking “flawless and fresh” and while it may give a smoother finish, it’s not great for your complexion. Dr Victor Wong, a cosmetic doctor and Medical Director of Laser Clinics U.K. warns against using lube on your face. “It can dehydrate the skin, leaving it dry and more prone to inflammation,” he explains. “It can also block pores on the face.”

This isn’t the only unconventional hack that encourages people to use non-skincare products on their faces. Hemorrhoid cream has been hotly debated as a fix for under-eye bags, but the thing is, these products aren’t intended for use on the face and Dr. Wong says using them that way could cause long-term issues. And if you’re really going for a flawless looking complexion, it starts with a good skincare routine. Wong recommends products with active ingredients including vitamin C, retinol and glycolic acid to improve the texture of the skin, which he says “will ultimately lead to flawless makeup application.”

Source: Newsweek

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