#OMG: Mom uninvites parents from WEDDING after they refuse to babysit!


A 25-year-old mother of two young kids doesn’t understand why her retired parents don’t want to babysit for her three times a week. They were already watching her two- and four-year-old tots on Saturday nights, so she and her fiancé could have time to themselves. But after she got a promotion at work that requires her to work extra hours, she increased her demand from her mom and dad and they aren’t on board.

In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the a-hole” section, OP writes that she asked her parents to babysit on Tuesday and Thursday nights in addition to Saturdays, but they refuse saying they’re already doing “more than enough.” They fought, her parents threatened to stop watching the kids on Saturdays and this really made OP upset, so she responded by telling them if they do that, they can’t come to her upcoming wedding. They haven’t spoken since and she’s now stuck with her own kids on Saturday nights, which she says “has been stressful for both me and my fiancé.”

OP writes that since her parents are retired, she doesn’t feel like there’s anything wrong “with asking them to pull their weight more and help me out with my kids.” She asks Reddit, “Am I missing something?” And users let her know that she is and she’s acting like a spoiled brat:

●“OP is entitled and ungrateful,” one user writes.

●“These are your kids, not your parents’,” another points out.

●“It’s crazy when people expect their parents to continue raising children when they’ve already finished their job,” a third comments.

●“Grandparents are not on-demand babysitters,” another user reminds.

HT: Reddit AITA

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