#AUDIOBOOKS for KIDS: Toby Knapp... gives a voice to Children's Audiobooks!

#AUDIOBOOKS: This Holiday, @iHeartRadio's Toby Knapp (@tkradio) gives our kids something to learn - and something to hear - by narrating some popular Children's Books!

Up first... the tale of Taylor... a Turkey with a very curious TRAIT!

Get ready... the HOLIDAYS have just begun... so watch this space for even more AUDIOBOOKS read by TOBY KNAPP which will bring snickers to the children -- and the childish -- all over our iHeartNation!

All the books from Humor Heals Us can be found via AMAZON!

NOTE - Taylor the Tooting Turkey is property of Humor Heals Us. And yes. Humor DOES heal us. Amen. So let it be written.

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