Aww! This woman is HEARTBROKEN nobody came to her #Friendsgiving!

Who plans a celebration with their friends and then doesn’t show up for it? That’s what one woman is asking herself after her Friendsgiving event was a flop. Christian Zamora shared a video on TikTok of his girlfriend, Maryann, sitting alone at a table when no one came to her Thanksgiving gathering. In the clip, which has gone viral with more than 15-million views, he explains that she spent weeks preparing with her pals, then decorated her entire basement and cooked a huge feast, but no one came.

And even worse? No one called or messaged her to let her know they weren’t going to make it. So Maryann was dressed up and ready for a crowd and none of them showed up. “I keep trying to cheer her up,” Christian says in the video, as he pans around the room to show her sitting alone at a table. “I’m so sad for her.” TikTokers commented to ask what happened and he explained that Maryann’s friends suddenly stopped answering the group chat on the day of the dinner.

He says Maryann just assumed everyone was running late, but after three hours of waiting, she realized no one was coming. Luckily, her boyfriend is more concerned about her feelings than her friends, so he did what he could to try to cheer her up. Christian invited his buddies to come over … and they actually did. They brought food and made the best of the bad situation and gave a happy ending to her Friendsgiving. In a follow-up video, Maryann says she’s no longer friends with those who ditched her dinner, but she’s since gotten thousands of comments on TikTok from people offering their friendship. “Sweetheart, this was good practice for when you have friends who are worthy of you and your hosting skills,” one writes.

HT: NY Post

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