#KEYWEST: Some morons destroyed a landmark. A BARTENDER caught 'em!

This story just fascinates me, in part because I love Key West, but in part because I love how these douchebag felons were brought to justice...

Cops in KEY WEST got help in catching a couple of fools who vandalized the Southernmost Point of the US landmark, which is a popular photo spot and tourist destination in Key West. The video of the vandals doing the crime went viral, but cops didn't really know WHO they were...

But this bartender, Cameron Briody did! He's a bartender at Irish Kevin's, on Duval Street, and when he saw the video, something triggered in him...

... he recognized one of the fools... because the FOOL had been in his bar on NEW YEARS EVE and DID NOT TIP!

So, he called his boss, searched his credit card slips and then, looked at the bar's security camera footage... and FOUND THE DUDE!

He gave the details to the cops... and the rest.. is history!

Read more here! And shoutout to this bartender... and remember.... don't tip or be a dbag in life to someone... and KARMA will catch you!

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