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#FACT: The average person wastes TWO hours per day!

You say you don't have enough time during the day.... but do you?

STUDY FINDS reports the results of a new poll which points it all out... We WASTE some serious time during the day - in fact - we waste close to TWO HOURS every day, but not all of the time-wasting is easy to avoid.

The top THREE offenders -

1) Being stuck on hold.

2) Waiting in line.

3) Sitting in traffic.

Other time wasting things: Scrolling on social media. Snooping on social media. Online shopping. You know, all the stuff we usually do online and when we're busy doing... well... nothing!

The poll says we waste 12 hours a week on stuff like this, which breaks down to 624 hours a year, or 26 days - almost a month - of every year is wasted on the mundane activities...

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