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#RUDE: People can be rude, and now, the rudeness is being called out!

Let's just be honest: people can be rude. And, these days, if you are gonna be rude or some sort of way, chances are good you'll be called out on it if you are... and in some cases, that rudeness will go viral. Over on the Reddits, people are talking about rude behavior from CUSTOMERS and... they're exposing that rudeness for all to see.

Here are a few examples:

• “Worked at a movie theater in college. Rude customer equals cup filled to the brim with ice before the soda, and broken popcorn kernels from the bottom of the bin.”

• “I worked at a nail salon. If one of the customers was complaining about the wait, I would use as little glue as possible on their fake nails.”

• “As a server, sometimes when rude customers ask for butter, I give them cold butter, even though I have room temperature butter, because I know the cold butter will rip up their bread.”

• “I under-blend their smoothies so the little chunks block their straws.”

• “As a deli worker, when a customer is being a Karen, I’ll squish the cheese together after I slice it so it’s impossible to separate later.”

• “Shoutout to all the servers. For rude customers, we crop-dust — especially if it’s busy and loud and the music’s going and they definitely won’t hear you. We crop-dust.”

• “I was working at the hotel bar. This one guy was just so rude and a huge asshole. So when his card declined, I went back to the table and said it loud enough for everyone to hear.”

Anyone have any RUDENESS to expose? From a customer to some random person on the street or someone you've encountered... spill the tea! I just made some popcorn, brewed some tea and I'm listening!

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