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#BattleOfTheSexes: Things MEN should know when talking to WOMEN...

Oh, REDDIT... what would we talk about without you?

Over on the FRONT PAGE OF THE 'NET, women were asked, "what's something all men should know before talking to women?"

Here's what they said...

• Compliments aren’t a substitute for a conversation. Just because you’re being nice doesn’t mean you’re pleasant to talk to.

• Learn how to be a good active listener.

• Brush your teeth at least two times a day.

• If she says she’s married, you don’t ask things like “Happily?” or “Is it serious?” Realize you’re now looking for someone willing to cheat on their spouse, and they will cheat on you too.

• Just because a woman talks to you and is nice doesn’t mean she is flirting.

• Questions are better than self statements. Try to inquire, not inspire.

• Take a shower.

• Not every woman is going to want to speak to you and she doesn’t owe you conversation. Don’t be overly pushy if she doesn’t seem interested.

• If a woman seems uncomfortable when you approach, leave. Don’t try to convince her that you’re a “nice guy” even if you are.

• If she is working and being friendly it’s because it is her job to be friendly!

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