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Quiet Quitting? What if you are being QUIET FIRED? Here's how to know...

Quiet quitting? Yeah, what if you are being QUIET FIRED? Here are five ways to know if you are being iced out while you do the quiet quitting thing...

First off, click here for more from the Huffington Post...

Here's the TL;DR version....

1) If your boss is MIA for 'things' you need to discuss... that's a sign.

2) If things you wanted to do get tasked to other team members... that's a sign.

3) If a boss can't or won't give clarity as to why others are getting raises or promotions... that's a sign.

4) If you get PIP'ed... put on a personal improvement plan... and it doesn't make sense... that's a sign.

5) If your job expectations or workload changes unexpectedly... that's a sign.

Sure, quiet quitting was and is a thing on the TikTok last week, but, conversely... quiet FIRING is indeed a thing. Be aware, workforce. Be aware.

We're all counting on you.

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