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WATCH: Undercover @NFL ICON walks on to COLLEGE TEAM in disguise!

VIDEO: An NFL ICON walks on - in disguise - to try out for a College Football team and everyone is talking about it! Wait 'til you see who... and why... and what went down!

For the FIVE MINUTES I was in college, before getting hired out of college and into radio, I went to the same State School in Pennsylvania as Penn State Coach James Franklin. He was older than I was. I was already covering sports for the local newspaper, and he was having an amazing run as QB of the local State University Football Team in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains.

James Franklin was his - is - his name. He's now the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Anyway... today, I saw some chatter about Eli Manning... who has a new ESPN show which has him going to "places..."

One of those was Penn State. Where he, in disguise, attempted a walk on to play QB for the Penn State football team.

The video... is INSANELY hilarious.

The link is there. Click it and watch. And remember... we're all walk-ons... if we're honest about it. We've gotta prove it everyday.

Eli, James... thank you for this. It was the fuel for the fire I needed at exactly the right time...

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