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Oreo Giving Away Limited Oreo & Chill Freezers For National Oreo Day!

Oreo Giving Away Limited Oreo & Chill Freezers

Oreo is celebrating National Oreo Day! It was yesterday, by the way.... and now... the company’s frozen treats division is giving fans a chance to get their hands on the new "Oreo & Chill Freezer!"

At 10:00 a.m. EST on Friday, March 10, consumers can visit to get their hands on one of the complimentary, ultra-limited, freezers. It has a glass door, interior shelving and lighting, and an exterior lock to protect your treats. The only cost is $9.95 for shipping and handling. Get more info at Do you have any novelty items in your home? What are they?

For those who don’t want to miss an opportunity to curb their cold cravings AND show off their love of OREO, starting at 10am EST on Friday, March 10th, fans can visit OREO.COM/FREEZER to get their hands on one of the ultra-limited OREO & Chill Freezers.

Fans just pay $9.95 for shipping and handling at checkout. Fans can also sign up today on OREO.COM/Freezer to receive an email to be notified when the freezers become available.

Wrapped in the iconic OREO blue with a playful pattern of OREO Frozen Treats and cookie crumble, the freezer is the perfect statement piece for your living room, basement, garage or anywhere else you want to keep (and display!) your OREO treats. Features include:

  • Glass Door: Perfect for displaying your delicious treats and easily seeing when it’s time for a restock
  • Interior Shelving & Lighting: Two interior shelves make it easy to stack, pile & store a variety of treats 
  • Exterior Lock: Keep your frozen treats under lock and key, if you so choose, and keep bandits at bay

Dear Oreo, please send me one asap! Love, Toby!

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