Where Your Miracle Maker Donations Go

For just $20 a month (or 65¢ a day), you can become a Children's National Miracle Maker to help save children's lives! Your donation goes towards all aspects of what makes Children's National a special place and in 2017, they used your generosity to:

  • Provided many essential services that insurance doesn’t cover, like child life specialists music and art therapy, and gifts from Dr. Bear’s Closet

  • Treated more than 230,000 children who needed care, regardless of their family’s insurance or ability to pay.

  • Support more than 1,100 research projects investigating a conditions including brain & spinal cord injuries, obesity, type 2 diabetes, renal disease, and autism.

  • Hire specialists in pain medicine, robotic surgery, fetal medicine, blood & marrow transplants, and plastic surgery.

  • Increase programming in the Seacrest Studios, a 920-square-foot multimedia studio that provides programming for all patients and gives kids a chance to share their talents on air.

...and the list goes on

Childrens' National also makes special purchases with your Miracle Maker donations such as:

  • special micro-preemie diapers for babies who weigh less than two pounds

  • Markers and crayons to help children deal with emotions and feelings through art therapy

  • Sensory balls for infants for developmental stimulation

  • Books for parents to read to their children while sitting in the waiting room while their child is in surgery

  • Meal tickets for families who cannot afford to eat in the cafeteria while staying in the hospital with their child

  • Light spinners to distract patients during procedures that require an IV or shots

...and more! 

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