Women's History Month: Elizabeth Blackwell

March is Women’s History Month. The Reynolds Team and 97.1 WASH-FM are highlighting influential women in history….

If you prefer to see a female doctor for your care, thank Elizabeth Blackwell…the first woman to graduate from medical school as a Doctor…and at the top her class, no less! But it wasn’t easy.

Hospitals wouldn’t acknowledge Elizabeth. Landlords refused office space. It wasn’t until she bought her own house that she could finally set up her medical practice.Eventually, in 1857, she opened the New York Infirmary for Women and Children.

She persisted, instituting other medical associations, training nurses during the Civil War, and finally…opening the Women's Medical College in New York. The next year, she moved to England and founded the London School of Medicine for Women.She remained there, teaching and training new female doctors, into the next century.

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