Women's History Month: Marian Anderson

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew Visits Marian Anderson Residence Museum Discussing Her Inclusion On 5 Dollar Bill

March is Women’s History Month. The Reynolds Team and 97.1 WASH-FM are highlighting influential women in history….

Before TV talent shows like American Idol, how were this country’s great young singers discovered?…In many local and regional singing competitions, like the one at Lewisohn Stadium in New York in 1925. There, a young girl from Philadelphia - who’d been singing in church since she was six - was “discovered.”

As career took off and her singing fame grew, Marian Anderson also fought prejudice. A planned 1939 concert at Constitution Hall was forbidden by the D.A.R. because Marion was African American. Outraged, the President’s wife - Eleanor Roosevelt - resigned her membership and arranged a concert at the Lincoln Memorial instead.Later, she established the Marian Anderson Scholarship fund, for music students of all races.

In 1955, she returned to New York to become the first African American to sing an important role as a Regular Company Member of the Metropolitan Opera. “The World’s Greatest Contralto.”

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