Howdy! I’m a Texas girl at heart…grew up in Houston and am a proud A&M Aggie but have called the DMV home for 20 years now.  I’m married to the best husband ever…John is retired Air Force (and my step-kids are also in the military…Holly and her hubby are in the Air Force in Minot, ND – and they just had their first baby!!! Joe is in the Coast Guard…SUPER proud of all of them for their service to our country!).  We have quite the menagerie at home…3 dogs, 3 cats, all rescues.  In our backyard/on our ranch, we also take care of  4 chickens and  6 alpacas…just had 2 babies! I am HUGE fan of Coldplay – have so many shirts and hoodies from all their concerts over the years that I can wear a different one every day for almost 2 weeks…also love Taylor Swift.  And “Friends”.  And pandas! Enjoy movies, camping, cooking, gardening and volunteering in my spare time. I support Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue and various other animal welfare organizations in our area.  And…I wasn’t one of those kids who grew up wanting to be a dj…I kinda just “fell into it” in college…and it’s all I’ve done since I graduated.  I feel VERY blessed to have been on the air in DC for so long - and it’s my honor and privilege to play the great WASH-FM variety for you every workday!