Map: the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in your state

The presidential election has shown us how uniquely different each state is when it comes to politics. But the same can be said about Thanksgiving side dishes.

The website created a map of the United States showing the favorite Thanksgiving side dish in each state. 

The most popular side, especially in the western half of the country, is mashed potatoes. Mac and cheese and green bean casserole have a lot of fans across the country. Matter of fact, macaroni and cheese is the top side here, in both Virginia and Maryland. WHAT? M&C over taters? Say it ain't so!!!

Some interesting picks include Indiana, which loves deviled eggs; Maine, which prefers a side salad; Kentucky, which loves broccoli casserole; and Arkansas, which loves to drench everything in white gravy.

See the map HERE.

photo: Getty Images