This year in New Orleans, it's not Mardi's YARDI Gras!

Just because Mardi Gras parades have been canceled in New Orleans this year, it doesn’t mean the people won’t be celebrating.

Instead of decorating floats for parades, people are jazzing up their houses -- turning them into “house floats” for people to see and enjoy. It's YARDI Gras!

Normally, the groups riding on the floats throw beads and other trinkets to onlookers as the floats move down the street. The people of New Orleans have alternatives for this as well. Some are creating scavenger hunts to allow fans of the parades to get their hands on the trinkets in a safer way. There’s even an app that allows users to catch and trade virtual trinkets. Others plan to hang out in front of their windows throwing beads to passersby. (Atlas Obscura)